The band, dressed in suits, with instruments, in front of a fort.

The Best of Synthia is a four-piece American band from Saint Augustine, Florida. The name was originally given to the solo project of singer/songwriter Tim Matthews, who began recording at his home in Hollywood, Florida in 1998.

Shortly after moving to St. Augustine, Matthews met bass player Tyson Jones, and the two began playing shows locally under the name 'The Met Fed Tonics'. The group cycled through several lineups of musicians before disbanding in 2007. Matthews and Jones remained close, however, and eventually re-formed the band in 2009, adopting the name The Best of Synthia' after Matthews's original musical project. Matthews recruited local drummer/vocalist Jason Blankenship and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bowbly, who had previously collaborated as 'Non-Runners', to join the new group. With a new line-up and name, the band began playing shows in the North/Central Florida area, while simultaneously recording their first album 'You Hate Music'. The album saw a limited release in 2011.

In 2012, Jones relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, and local musician and producer John Ryan began filling in with the group on bass. Ryan, a recent sound production graduate, also began helping the group record songs for their second LP. Blankenship temporarily relocated to Miami in 2013, and the band (now a 3 piece) continued to record for the next year. Blankenship reunited with the band in late 2014, and the newly re-formed Synthia once again began playing shows in the North Florida area in October 2014. The group has just released their long-awaited sophomore LP, 'The Best of Synthia'.

Stemming from Tim Matthews's early recording experimentation, the music of the Best of Synthia is densely layered, containing elements of folk, rock and electronica interwoven with pop melodies and vocal harmonies. While the band is at times known to drift into interludes of noise and psychedelia, Synthia always manages to keep the music firmly grounded with solid songwriting and strong lyrical hooks. The group has cited a broad range of influences from the Beatles and Paul Simon to Radiohead and Aphex Twin. Consequently, Matthews and co. often confound genre descriptions, and their music has been most hilariously called things like "Avant-Pop", "Synth Bop", "Eclectic Indie Rock" and "tolerable."